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Name: Angie or Angela. I answer to both. 

Age: 47, but my birthday is in a few weeks! Holy Shit!!!

Gender: Female

Food: Thin crust pesto and veggie pizza

Drink: Coffee with Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer

Book: The Wind Up Bird Chronical and The Year Of Magical Thinking

Author: Haruki Murakami

Song: Breathe(2:00 a.m.) by Anna Nalick is my theme song because of this lyric~ “ You can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable
And life’s like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands.” 

Movies: I have a difficult time sitting and paying attention to movies, so I don’t have any favorites. 

T.V. Shows: Same with t.v., but I do enjoy Criminal Minds every once in awhile.

Bands: Fleetwood Mac 

Solo Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Brooke Fraser. I’m also a huge broadway musical geek. I also adore Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, and Idina Menzel

Place: Snuggling on the couch and dozing with my husband

School Subject: English

Sport: I’m a former gymnast, so I enjoy watching that and ice skating. I hate watching team sports, and never played any. 

Male Actors: James Garner, George Clooney, Sam Shepard

Female Actresses: Julia Roberts, Ellen Burstyn, Audrey Hepburn

Best Friend: Hands down, my husband! I also have a few amazing girlfriends. Robyn, Tammy, and Emily

Siblings. I have a younger brother. His name is Victor, but I call him Vic-Vic.

Dream Job: I wanted to be a musical theatre star, and that was my major in college, but now I’m living the dream. I’m teaching yoga, and I’m an autism therapist, which is what I’ve been doing for 15 years. I love it!

Political Ideology: I’m embarrassed to admit that my knowledge of politics is limited, and I should be more informed. I’m for being free, and that is all I know. 

Religion: I was raised Catholic, and went to a Catholic school until 5th grade. I’m not involved in any organized religion, but I’m very spiritual. God is within and everywhere, and not scary, like I was raised to believe. 

Piercings:I have double piercings in both ears, and I had my nose pierced, but I took it out last year, and it closed so fast. I miss it. I may get it redone.

Languages. English is all I know besides the Sanskrit I’ve learned from yoga, and the Italian cuss words my grandma taught me.

Reason behind url: I’m a warrior, and a yogini. Simple as that! I fought and won my battle over anorexia, and I’m a rape and childhood sexual abuse survivor. I’m proud to say that I fight and win every day.

Reason behind icon: My icon is a hummingbird because my husband has a brain tumor and when he almost died a few years ago, he had a vision of an Indian man and a hummingbird. The Indian man told him that he was going to live, and then he transformed into a hummingbird. 

# of posts: 474 on this tumblr, but I sadly had more of a sick anorexic tumblr before this. This is my kicking ass, recovery tumblr!

First url: conversationswithclaudia I think

# of blogs. I also have a blogger, which I have had for a long time. All of my poetry is there.

I enthusiastically tag: mindful-magickfightingbeautyeverythingistemporaryanywaylokahsamastahavefire-and-bethesunpersepineicanttellwherethisjourneywillend 

Tattoos: I have one across my lower back that I had done when I turned 40. It is a beautiful heart in the center with a scroll design along each side. It is for my husband, and he went with me when I had it done. It is posted below, stretch marks and all. 


Selfie: I like this one :-)                                                                                         image

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Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods





Have you started breathing again, friend? I feel concern.

This is important, but as a parent, I wonder if it is possible. Damn, being a kid is tough shit! Parents are going to screw up, and at a certain point, we all have to be responsible for our own happiness. My parents made mistakes, I’ve made mistakes. Living in this world can be painful, brutally painful. I’ve been raped, and abandoned, and ignored, and neglected. There is a certain point where we have to turn that around, admit when we make mistakes, apologize, and just keep loving. Keep on loving…

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"Sweat is fat crying" 
Are you freaking kidding me? I’m sorry if I’m a bit sensitive on this subject, but fat is not sad! War is sad, children going hungry is sad, homelessness is sad…having fat on your body is not sad. It is not a feeling at all, it says nothing about your worth as a human being, so when I see that saying, it upsets me. End of rant. Carry on

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I used to reach out to people who were struggling here, sending encouraging messages and whatnot, but I’ve stopped doing it because they were largely ignored, and I find it to be extremely rude that people get on here and post about their struggles and then not acknowledge the people who take the time to offer comfort. I do want to thank the people who have reached out to me when I have been in pain. Mainly these 3 beautiful souls. ~ persepine,  fightingbeautymaitri-peace

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I made it through the nervous energy of my first class, but all of the loving support was amazing. I had 21 people come to my class, and had great feedback from everyone, including one lady who came expecting ashtanga, and wasn’t aware of the schedule change. I convinced her to stay, and she said she loved it! I went to brunch afterwards with some friends, and later went shopping and bought myself a pair of floral patterned heart shaped earring made out of recycled tin in honor of my heart themed class. What a perfectly lovely day! 

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